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A description of some of my electronics and software projects. Still in beta, more contents will be added.

QR Code generator for Altium Designer

The current version of Altium Designer doesn't support the generation of a QR Code for inclusion on a PCB. Only standard barcodes are supported. So I have developped a little online tool that allows to do it. It relies on a little known feature of Altium Designer, i.e. the "Smart Grid Insert" that allows to insert features on the PCB using CSV-like data.

Generation of the QR Code

Enter the text in the field below. It can be a multi-line text. Then click on the generate button. This will display a preview of the QR Code. Then press the copy button, this will put the needed CSV data needed for Altium Designer in the clipboard.

Inclusion on the PCB

In Altium Designer, first open the "PCB List" window (Shift+F12):

Check on top left of the window that it is in edit mode. If it is in view mode, click on the "view" text to change it. Then right click and select "Smart Grid Insert" or type Ctrl-Ins. This will open the following dialog:

Click on "Automatic Determine Paste", this shall copy the clipboard data (upper table) to the attribute table:

Click on the "OK" button. You shall now see the QR Code on your PCB. It is composed of a lot of fills. I recommend that you select all these elements and create an union so you can move the QR Code without problem.

Current version only allow generation of the QR Code on the top overlay, but you can easily move it to an other layer using the usual Altium Designerfunctionnalities.


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From lapinoo on 31.10.2018 15:04:34 UTC
@Frank : Well, most QR-code readers are able to read inverted QR-codes (clear code on dark background). At least I never had problems to read white QR-Codes on green PCBs.
From Frank on 31.10.2018 14:54:07 UTC
It would be very helpful, if it is possible to "invert" the QR-code. Because top overlay is usually white...